About Creators

Charlie Crenshaw IV is proud to have graduated as Valedictorian from Melrose High School in the heart of Orange Mound in 2003. Charlie is a United States Army veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom III.  He currently works in the Communications field. Charlie lives in Memphis, TN with his wife, Terra, and their daughter Charlize. They attend Redemption Life Church. This is Charlie’s 2nd book.




Mpilo Msweli, also known as @KryptnKnight online, is from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, where he currently resides. He is an Illustrator and a Graphic Designer. Mpilo loves creating and drawing characters, machines, worlds and general storytelling. Mpilo proudly tries to incorporate his culture into the stories and characters he creates.


This book was written to inspire hope in the Memphis youth, especially those who are unfortunately surrounded by negativity. Memphis needs to be more, and it can be, so please share this project to inspire positive change. It’s meant to be read, reflected on and executed. Execution comes from researching these and other great people. Let’s use the rich content of Memphis’ past, present, and future to create leaders!